Kimbo Police Cooperative Credit Union - KIPCCUL
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The Committees of KIPCCUL and their Functions:

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They are elected for a 3 year mandate renewable once by the AGM. They are persons having a certain minimum academic and professional background and experience, understand and interpret financial information, have a basic understanding of laws governing the Credit Unions and micro-finance institutions in Cameroon, be familiar with Credit Union lending and collection philosophy.

  • They participate in the Management of the Credit Union on behalf of the members who elect them.
  • Define and provide the General policy guides for the Union.
  • They are independent and have the right to question management about issues they do not understand for clarifications and must work as a team.
  • They are not employees of the Credit Union but are entitled to Sitting Allowances.
  • They present Management Accounts duly audited to the AGM.
  • They keep members periodically informed of the Union’s affairs. And they ensure that decisions reached at during the AGM are fully implemented.
  • They recruit and terminate staff.


They are elected from the AGM and given the following functions to report back to the AGM.

  • To regularly control the management of the Credit Union by the BOD and the General Manager. That is to ascertain that the BOD is safeguarding the Assets of the Union as stated in the Manual Policy.
  • Present all internal findings to the BOD at their regular meetings, check books, cash, inventory, balance sheet and carry out control to confirm that all is in order.
  • Could call up or convene an extraordinary General Meeting on some serious findings such as failure to call the AGM by the BOD.
  • Open up inquiry where there are irregularity in the functioning of the Credit Union as requested by the members and the General Meeting.

Elected at the AGM and given the mandate to make sure that more women and women’s groups are enrolled in the Credit Union. They give Planning Meetings, and sensitize individuals and women groups, and sell out the products offered by the Union. They report to the BOD quarterly and to the General Assembly.

Elected at the AGM and given the mandate to encourage more youths and youth groups to join the Credit Union, mostly as this targeted group is in the Job Market. They advice to channel the payments of their salaries through the Union and sell out the Union’s Products and Services to the Youths.

This is a Committee selected from amongst the BOD members to look into Loan Applications made through the Loans Officers. They make their own appraisal after the Manager, approve Loans above the capacity of the Manager and make recommendations to the BOD for Loans above their capacity.