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Products and Services rendered by KIPCCUL

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You can simply become one of the owners of a multimillion Micro Financial Institution as a function of a shareholding of fifty Thousand (50.000) Francs CFA.

Here the mystery of “Small Drops make a Mighty Ocean” is assured as savings range from five hundred (500) Francs CFA. Your savings constitute your statutory project contribution in the event of any loan application.

Savings facilities made for expected events and/or anniversaries like back to School, Feasts and Ceremonies etc. There exists an attractive interest to the saver.

Accounts operated at call or short notice with no ceiling at a very affordable rate is offered especially for Salary Collection, Business Accounts, and Loan Disbursement etc.

Regular contact services are offered at home or business premises by commissioned contact agents at very affordable charges. These agents help to Educate, Inform and remind you on regular basis.

Subsidiary Loans facilities exist for members with standing orders, those who contribute through the contact service and those with irrevocable domiciliation of contract; proceed at a very affordable rate.

Your salary could be collected for you: an arrangement with your employer or banker to facilitate payment to you at a very affordable rate.

Business Loans facilities based on the business need assessments and its relative viability are offered at very affordable rates.

Ordinary Loans for consumption of social based or savings, sureties, bank standing order/transfers, pledges and other easily realizable securities are offered with very attainable conditions where and when capacity to pay back is established.

An insurance for Loans contracted and/savings in the event of death and/or permanent disability is offered at no extra cost to the member.

Accounts for children below maturity age are offered in an attempt to blend the Biblical philosophy of “Teach a child how to grow….” To enhance education with no difficulty, ensure business with no capital deficiency etc- accounts which yield interests to the owners.

Accounts to carter for the owner during retirement are offered to relief the people from the grief, pains and stress that come along with retirement especially to those who did not imagine.


Blocked deposits at very attractive rates are offered to help you manage your liquidity better.

Accounts are transferable to and from other Credit Unions at no extra cost to the beneficiary.

Loans in kind at very affordable conditions are available for the acquisition of business assets.

Automated instant cash transfer and manual transfer services through the Western Union Money transfer and MTN mobile money, as well as the KIPCCUL network at very competitive rates exist and the promptness, security and accuracy of which has been tested and trusted by many.

“Njangi” Financing facilities are offered to all reputable “Njangis” with same conditions as to individual applicants.

These exist to facilitate deposit withdrawals through third parties and any counter withdrawal at affordable rates.

Orientation on proper business management at different levels is offered to the members venturing into business.

Counseling services on investments related issues are given free of charge by our experienced counselors who are available at all our terminals.

You can subscribe to the Kumbo Mutual Health Insurance Scheme at our counters and benefit from all the advantages that accrue at no extra cost.